Reading Environments is a small gesture in reading together.

Reading Environments is a foray into the world of reading across environments, literatures and the arts. We will test the emergent boundaries of the Environmental Humanities, engaging within and beyond our different disciplines as we consider how conversations together can help us navigate our environmental contexts.

Recognising our location in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara and thinking about connections out across Oceania and the Pacific, our goal is to gather together, listen, share, and read with reciprocity and care.

After the isolation and concern of the past few years, how might reading together shift our assumptions? Can we open up new scales of wonder appropriate for the anthropocene? How do we acknowledge the multispecies intersections of being together?

Readings will be available from this site two weeks before each session. They will be divided into must reads, and options for the time poor.

In 2023 Reading Environments will meet at Te Pataka Toi Adam Art Gallery from 4-5:30 PM on 20 February, 20 March, and the 24th of April, with further dates scheduled as the year progresses. We are excited to be meeting to read within the gallery — the exhibition programme will change over the months, and the artworks and atmosphere of the gallery will guide us in unexpected ways.